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Canoe Wales is committed to advocating for improved access to waterways throughout Wales. We have produced a clear Position Statement to explain our position on access to waterways and environmental issues - and we are regularly involved in advocacy with Welsh Government and other stakeholders to improve the situation for our members.

Rights and Responsibilities

Our Waterways & Environment Position Statement explains our position on access to waterways and environmental issues and provides guidance to our members in their decisions about paddling in Wales. Canoe Wales believes that paddlers should be able to enjoy water responsibly, so we encourage you to paddle wherever and whenever you have the right to do so, within the law and with respect and consideration for others and the environment.

In our Where to Paddle pages you can find information about many of the paddling venues in Wales. But because we cannot give definitive information about the appropriateness of each venue, on each day, in every condition, for every paddler, the decision whether or not to paddle at any location in Wales is for you to make as an individual.


In September 2017, we submitted a joint response with British Canoeing to the Welsh Government’s consultation on “Taking Forward Wales’ Sustainable Management of Natural Resources”, which offered an unprecedented opportunity for dramatic improvements in paddlesport access in Wales. Our response was compiled following a comprehensive survey which sought the views of paddlers throughout the UK - many of whom also submitted their own individual responses to the Welsh Government during the consultation period.

You can read our full response here.
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