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As paddlers we have a responsibility to help preserve our beautiful Welsh rivers, lakes and coastline.

One of the biggest threats to the waterways of Wales are invasive species.

Invasive Species

Invasive species can be a plant or animal and all can have a disastrous effects on the waterways of Wales.

The easy way for paddlers to play their part in containing any transfer is to:

  • Check your equipment and clothing for live organisms - particularly in areas that are damp or hard to inspect.
  • Clean and wash all equipment, footwear and clothing thoroughly. If you do come across any organisms, leave them at the water body where you found them.
  • Dry all equipment and clothing - some species can live for many days in moist conditions. Make sure you don’t transfer water elsewhere.

Canoe Wales and British Canoeing have produced the poster below for use at access points - but it's important for all paddlers to be aware of these actions you can take to help prevent the spread of invasive species.
Poster explaining that you should check your boat for plant matter, wash it inside and out and then empty and sponge-dry the inside away from the water.

More guidance

You can find more information about how to protect our environment on the British Canoeing website here.
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