Official 2017 Gemau Cymru results

 The canoeing events of Gemau Cymru 2017 were held on Friday 30th June against the backdrop of the opening ceremony for the games at Cardiff International White Water Centre. Over 70 paddlers, from schools across Wales, took part in a series of flat and white water races. Full results are below and you can find more photos of the event on our Facebook page here.

Official Results

U13 Kayak

1 Oliver Cooper

2 Ben Higson

3 Oliver Bunn

U13 Sit on Top

1 Oliver Cooper

2 Ben Higson

3 Oliver Bunn

U13 Double Canoe

1 Oliver Cooper/Vicky Aldous

2 Tecwyn Williams/Hannah Griffiths

3 Mali Rhys-Dillon/ Ben Higson

U18 Kayak

1 Stephan Griffiths

2 Aaron White

3 Leon Handley

U18 Sit on Top

1 Aaron White

2 Stephan Griffiths

3 Catrin Schroeder/Evie Merritt (tie)

U18 Double Canoe

1 Aaron White/Stephan Griffiths

2 Will Bevan/James Davies

3 Evie Merritt/Catrin Schroeder



U18 Boys

1 Aaron White

2 Jacob Burton

3 Stephan Griffiths

U13 Boys

1 Ben Higson

2 Oliver Cooper

3 Oliver Bunn

U18 Girls

1 Dead Heat    Evie Merritt/ Catrin Schroeder

3 Lucy Tatum

12 July 2017