The Top Site (above the Chipper) is an excellent base for white water rescue training course; offering realistic hazards and risks, but with the advantage of being in a controlled environment. You can now hire the Top Site on a per person basis; there are a maximum of 24 places available per day, and hire charges are £12 per person per day.

The minimum river level for any activities including rescue training will be 7 cumecs.

Why choose the National White Water Centre as your training venue?

  • Natural and wild mountain river, with reliable, regulated water flows.
  • Range of water conditions ideal for developing swimming and shallow water techniques; flat moving, recirculating waves, eddies, strainers.
  • Bank based rescue options from upland, wooded terrain.
  • Authentic white water features, including rocks, eddies and hydraulics for teaching entrapment rescues, hazard identification and risk assessments.
  • Self-contained section, that can be booked for shared or exclusive use. 
  • Use of centre facilities; changing rooms, showers, toilets, first aid, cafe, parking.

Seasonal restrictions for rescue training at the National White Water Centre:

From January to May the Topsite is available from the weir to the Chipper.  The full seasonal variations for rescue training are as follows:

January to May

The Topsite will reopen from below the Fishtrap weir for all activities.  The Chipper gate will remain open.  Access to the Lower Tryweryn from Canolfan Tryweryn will reopen.

May to October

The section of Topsite between the Welsh Water Gate and Fishtrap weir will reopen with additional river features.

November and December

The Topsite will remain closed for all activities because the Chipper gate will be opened to allow natural fish spawning on this section.  Access to the river for boats will be from the first gate downstream of the Chipper.

Any rescue training activities involving swimming or wading will be permitted between the rafting take out steps and the pool immediately below Chapel Falls.

Accessing the Lower Tryweryn from Canolfan Tryweryn will not be permitted during November and December.



If you are running a course and you would like somewhere quiet to debrief your group or go over some theory, we have classrooms available to hire. The rooms can cater for 5-20 people and have projectors and other presentation equipment available to use.

Hire charges for the classrooms are as follows:

Aran Classroom - £126 per day, accommodates roughly 12 people

Berwyn Classroom - £126 per day, accommodates roughly 12 people

Arenig Meeting Room - £162 per day, accommodates roughly 18 people



Catering is avaliable upon request. Please contact us on 01678 521083


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