Welcome to the National White Water Centre the best location for year round white water paddling in the UK.  Since the 1980’s the centre has hosted 3 world championships, annual national ranking events in all white water disciplines and is a favourite venue for recreational paddling.  Please see the information below for paddlers visiting the National White Water Centre.


All individuals using the centre must sign-in and pay at reception.  When signing in you are agreeing that you are competent enough to paddle the river; if you are unsure or visiting for the first time please feel free to speak to our staff about the river.


The Facility Fee for paddlers helps us to provide and maintain the world class facilities at the National White Water Centre. If you are a NGB member you will need to bring your membership card with you in order to receive the discounted price. Upon paying your fee you will be issued with a parking ticket and a wristband. The prices are as follows:


£7 per person, per day, for UK National Governing Body (NGB) members 

£14 per person, per day, for non members


£5 per person, per day, for UK NGB members 

£10 per person, per day for non members


Or if you're a group or would like information about season tickets please use the links below:




Changes in use of Topsite in 2017

This autumn Natural Resources Wales carried out some river alterations at the boundary of the Topsite with Welsh Water by constructing a gravel trap.

There will be some changes to use of the Topsite:

January – May: The Topsite will be open from the weir above Irish Bridge to the Chipper.

May – October: The Topsite will be open from Welsh Water boundary to the Chipper.

November and December: The Topsite will remain closed.

This gravel trap is a pilot project in creating gravel beds for salmon spawning as NRW move away from using fish hatcheries for salmon.  The Chipper gate will be opened to allow salmon into the Topsite more often in the future and may be removed at some stage.  



The National White Water Centre is based on the River Tryweryn in the Snowdonia National Park. It is located downstream of Llyn Celyn where excellent conditions for canoeing and kayaking are available throughout the year as a result of water releases from the reservoir. The 2km of river downstream of the dam at the National White Water Centre is managed to provide the best conditions for paddling and has been extensively altered. This section is also checked and cleared of hazards as soon as possible but if you see a fallen tree or any other hazards in the river. please inform centre staff. 


We provide a shuttle service on specified days for paddlers, from the centre up to the Chipper. All you need to do is wait at a pick up point with your wristband and you will be picked up and taken back to the top of the river. Ask at reception when you sign in for details on whether the shuttle service is running and at what times. 

Lower River:  The lower river shuttle will go once a day at 10.30am and is for drivers only. If you'd like to make use of this service, please sign up to the shuttle by 10am when you're signing in at reception so that we know who to pick up.  This is only available on weekends. 


There are 4 car parks at the centre, once you've signed in and paid at reception you'll be issued with a car park ticket to put in your windscreen, this is valid for any of the car parks on site. 

The top car park by the Chipper is locked by Welsh Water/Dŵr Cymru when they switch the water off at the end of the day. If you're not going to be back to your car by the time the water is switched off, please park in one of the other car parks to avoid getting locked in. 


The centre is staffed with first aid provision whenever there is a water release. If you find yourself requiring first aid, let centre staff know. 


The centre is equipped with changing rooms, toilets, coin return lockers and hot showers. There is also a cafe on site for hot food and drinks once you're off the river.  


Once you've finished paddling for the day, be sure to drop into the centre to leave your wristband in the paddler prize draw box at reception. The winner  will be drawn monthly for a fantastic prize to the lucky winner. 

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