How many times will the raft go down the river?
In the Rafting Full Session (two hours) you will usually get four runs down the river; more if time allows. The Taster Session will give you two runs down the river. Orca sessions don’t do runs down the river as such, you tend to work on the flatter sections to begin with to get used to handling the boats, then you will work your way up to the faster water as your confidence and skills improve.

If there are more than 7 of us in our group can we swap people over mid session?
No, unfortunately not. Due to the nature of white water rafting we must insist that the same participants remain throughout as they will have to attend the safety briefing and gain a level of familiarisation with the activity and the guide as the session progresses.

Do we paddle ourselves down the river without a guide?
You will be paddling but there will also be a qualified guide with you at all times who is in control of the raft. If you are looking for something a little more independent, we suggest you might enjoy the orca sessions, where the guide will usually be alongside in a kayak and you will be in control of the boat.

Will we have to carry the raft back to the start point?
There is a short stretch from the river to the minibus bay where the group will have to carry the raft, but a minibus and trailer is on hand to take you back up to the start to do it all again!

Can I request a particular guide?
If this isn’t your first visit to the Centre, and if one of our guides made a lasting impression on you, let us know their name when you book and we will try our best to put you on their session when you come rafting.

We have a child with us; can we take it in turns in missing a run to look after them?
Unfortunately not, once you have signed on to your raft the same person must remain on the boat for the duration of the session. This is due to health and safety regulations that the participants will have gained a level of familiarisation with the activity and the guide as the session progresses. Why not book the Taster session if this is your predicament? Tasters go out every hour and a half, so you and your child can watch your partner go past twice on the river, and then you can swap over.   

Can I wear my GoPro camera? 
Yep. We have some helmets with GoPro mounts already on them so you just need to bring the camera with you, just mention it to your guide when you meet them and they'll help you get the correct helmet. 


Is there a weight limit?
Not at our Centre, the only restriction is that participants do not exceed a chest size of 51 inches  / 130 cm.

Is there a minimum age limit?
For the Rafting Safari all children must be 10 years old or over. For Rafting Full Sessions, Taster Sessions and Canyoning the minimum age is 12. For the Orca Adventure the minimum age is 16. We have no upper age limit!

I have never done anything like this before, does this matter?
Not at all! The only pre-requisites are that you are able to swim and are physically fit. You will attend a full safety briefing before going on the water where the guide will make sure everyone is happy with the commands. We would recommend you have some whitewater experience or have rafted before if you're interested in the Orca Adventure, this is because it's quite a challengig activity and we want you to enjoy it!


Do you organise accommodation at the Centre?
No, but we do have an accommodation section here with direct links to the accommodation providers websites. If you are booking a adventure break with us, there is also an option to book local accommodation as part of the package too.

Is there anywhere for people to watch?
The café has a riverside terrace where you can watch the activities, there is also a footpath along the length of the rafting course and many picnic areas dotted around the site.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, we are very dog-friendly at the Centre! Providing all dogs are kept under control, all are welcome. Please take extra care during lambing season.

Where can I take photos?
There is a path running the whole length of the rafting course, so just choose your position and wait for your loved one to whiz past! The best places for action photos are on Miss Davies’ bridge and on the Centre wave outside the café. Remember that Cool Pics is on site to take professional photos of rafters at your request!

Is there anywhere for a cup of tea and a snack afterwards?
Yes, we have a café on site that provides all sorts of snacks and refreshments and plenty of hot tea should you need warming up after your session!

Can we bring our own food to the Centre?
Yes, there are many picnic areas dotted around the centre and along the river that you are welcome to use. Be it a cool box full of sarnies or a disposable BBQ you are very welcome to eat them on site. However, the patio area is a designated café area so your own food is not permitted here.


Can I buy vouchers directly from you?
Yes, we offer vouchers for most of our sessions and they are valid for one year. You can purchase them over the phone or on our website. For more information on gift vouchers click here...


Can I book over the phone?
Yes! Or you can book on-line. In both cases you just need a card.

What happens if our session is cancelled because there is no water release?
You can either have a full refund or put your booking on hold until you have another date in mind.

Can I make a provisional booking?
No, unfortunately we cannot reserve your requested time slot either. Our bookings system works on a first come first served basis. 

Can I book online?
Yes! It is an easy and secure way to book!


What do I need to bring with me?
You should bring swimwear and a towel. If you own a wetsuit and it is suitable for rafting (i.e. long-legged) then bring that along too, it will save you hiring one. We provide boots, helmets and buoyancy aids.

Do I have to wear a wetsuit?
Yes, wetsuits/drysuits are compulsory. They must be long-legged and checked over by the Centre staff before your session. If you do not have your own they are available to hire at a cost of £5 per person. Wetsuit boots are included with any hire.

Can I wear my own wetsuit?
Yes, providing it is long legged and is suitable for the activity. Just get your guide to have a look at it when you arrive at the Centre.

Can I wear a dry suit?
Yes, as long as we deem it suitable for this activity after your guide has had a look at it. A dry suit doesn't offer as much protection against the rocks as a wetsuit though! You will have to wear our safety equipment (helmet, bouyancy aid).


Can we get there by public transport?
Not really. There are some buses to Bala from other areas at different times throughout the day, but you would need to arrange transport from Bala to the National White Water Centre which is a distance of around 3 miles. There are local taxi services, and also bike hire if you are feeling energetic! For enquiries on public transport in Wales, contact Traveline Cymru on 08004640000.


Can I have a go at kayaking on the river?
The River Tryweryn is an excellent venue for the experienced kayaker. Due to the nature of the river we do not allow beginners to have a go in kayaks on their own. You must be a confident grade three to four paddler and you must have all your own kit. 

What other activities do you offer?
We also offer Canyoning trips to a local gorge. We offer a range of other local activities (pony trekking, go-karting, abseiling, high ropes etc) as part of our Weekend Adventure Break packages but these are not on site. 


What do you mean by a ‘water release’?
The Tryweryn is a dam controlled river, and the Environment Agency controls these releases. White water rafting can only take place when there is a water release of 9 cumecs or above.

What is a ‘cumec’?
A cumec is a cubic metre of water per second ( m3/s ).

Are scheduled release dates bigger and more exciting than normal release dates?
Not at all. Scheduled release dates are a few dates throughout the year that the Environment Agency have agreed there will be a water release, but these are not 100% definite! The levels that are released from the dam on each release day will be the same.

How often do you have water releases?
It is impossible to predict how many water releases we will have throughout a year. On average we have around 200 release days per year. These are more likely to occur between April and October as a rule.

When do you know if there’ll be a water release?
We tend to find out only two to three days before the event, the best thing to do is to check this website or phone the water information line (01678 520 826) in the week before you are rafting. This is a recorded message with the latest update about the water situation. You should keep checking this line before you travel to the Centre in case of any late changes.

Can't find an answer to your question? Email or call 01678 521083 for assistance.

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